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FAROS International fosters dynamic communities dedicated to investing in the authentic & holistic development of Native leaders in the international context from a faith based training approach: collaborating in actions that will positively impact their families, communities and nations. 

How do we do this?

  • We gather in prayer & worship  as a Christian faith based community

  • We cultivate relationships by serving one another and becoming safe places for healthy personal development.

  • We train, equip, mentor & commission leaders, providing access to resources in community development

  • We mobilize awareness of needs and assets of native leaders and their communities in order to provide access to resources and opportunities 

We “ do” based on our core values: 

F: Formation, Family, Fruitfulness, Faith

A: Adoration, Actionable steps

R: Reconciliation, Relationships, Respect

O: Openness & Obedience to God in our vocational call

S: Servant Leadership, Transformational leadership

Welcome: Welcome
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